10 Days in Israel with 60 Influential Evangelical Pastors and Leaders

10 Days in Israel with 60 Influential Evangelical Pastors and Leaders

Jerusalem, Israel: Bishop Robert Stearns, Executive Director of Eagles’ Wings and President of the Israel Christian Nexus, will be leading a select group of 60 influential Evangelical pastors and leaders from 10 states and 3 nations on a strategic 10-day mission in Israel from September 28 through October 7, 2019.

Since 2016, Bishop Stearns has brought over 150 primarily millennial pastors to Israel to help educate these young significant Evangelical leaders, from both the United States and Brazil, in the truth concerning Israel and the Jewish State.

The combined effect that this trip will have on the congregants and followers of these leaders via social media, will number into the hundreds of thousands. Stearns has taken to date nearly 25,000 people to Israel and has helped to change the negative narrative that is widely accepted today concerning Israel due to media bias.

The group will also take part in the Global Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, which is joined by 500,000 churches worldwide and viewed by millions through a live broadcast on Christian television. This event will take place on October 6th live from Jerusalem.

Through Eagles’ Wings and the Israel Christian Nexus, Stearns has impacted churches through Celebrate Israel Events that bring both the Jewish and Christian faiths together in dialogue, through Seminars that include the “Watchmen on the Wall” series promoting the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, and through television and social media programming.

In the past few years, both Eagles’ Wings and the Israel Christian Nexus have exponentially grown into a global movement. Today, Eagles’ Wings is celebrated as a movement that is re-shaping the narrative concerning Israel.

Blessings and Shalom!

Pastor Joe Green
Sr. Vice President of Development
Eagles’ Wings/ Israel Christian Nexus  

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