2020 Eagles’ Wings Highlights


2020 Eagles’ Wings Highlights

The year 2020 was a year of ministry impact in unexpected ways! Adjusting our outreach strategies to work differently in the midst of COVID-19, the Kingdom of God advanced through Eagles’ Wings in unique and powerful avenues in 2020. Thanks to the support of all our Impact Destiny Team partners, this will be a year to remember!

1. Mobilizing the Nations in Prayer for Jerusalem


Despite not being able to host an event on-site in Jerusalem this year, the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem (DPPJ) was an enormous success on October 4, as dozens of influential leaders from around the world joined as part of a virtual broadcast on GOD TV to bless Israel from their respective nations. The keynote speaker this year was the newly appointed Ambassador of Israel to the United States, Gilad Erdan, who commended the global participants for the remarkable difference that the movement is making in the Middle East.

Additionally, the grassroots effort of the DPPJ continued its growth in the midst of the pandemic. From India to Korea to Tanzania, believers in nearly 200 nations hosted local gatherings to pray fervently for Jerusalem. Full global broadcast

2. Sent to Brazil


In February, Bishop Robert was privileged to be invited by Teo Hayashi and the Dunamis Movement as one of a host of international leaders to minister at The Send Brazil, a massive gathering that filled 3 stadiums with more than 150,000 believers crying out for revival. Bishop Robert brought a powerful message fanning the flames of Brazil to a passionate stance on behalf of Israel.

As part of Bishop Robert’s ministry trip, a whirlwind speaking tour throughout the nation brought tremendous impact among Brazilian churches and universities. The response of the people of Brazil was overwhelming in support and also strategic for this hour of history.

3. Feeding Israelis in Need During the Pandemic


As Israel faced several lockdowns this year as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, the work of our Abraham’s Bread Feeding Centers intensified to help those in need. During Passover season and beyond, a wave of support came pouring in to send thousands of dollars in food packages at the onset of the virus, much of which was delivered in person due to the centers not being able to serve people on site.

As part of these efforts, the children of Western New York created “Letters of Hope” – cards with personal notes that were sent along with nourishing meals to needy Israelis during the virus outbreak, bringing a heartfelt outpouring of love for the people of Israel.

4. Sending Hope to Bethlehem


Simultaneous to the work of our Abraham’s Bread Feeding Centers in Israel, our relief efforts this year in the season of COVID-19 included sending vital food and medical supplies to the Arab Christian community in Bethlehem, where the halting of tourism has greatly threatened their ability to sustain in that region. Dozens of families received financial assistance during 2020, including a special initiative of support for the Christmas holiday.

5. Bishop Robert Named to Top Christian Allies


A special honor of accomplishment during the year 2020 was the naming of Bishop Robert Stearns as one of the Top 50 Christian Allies of Israel in the world today. A testimony to the dedication of Bishop Robert and the Eagles’ Wings global movement for many years, this honorary list was compiled by the Israel Allies Foundation and released in the season of the Feast of Tabernacles.

6. Launch of Online Torah Classes and The Bishop and the Rabbi

In 2020, Eagles’ Wings used new online platforms to launch out into virtual classes and weekly broadcasts that have further bridged the relationship between Jews and Christians, including Torah Tuesdays as well as The Bishop and The Rabbi, which have enriched and blessed many! The weekly studying of the Torah with our dear friend Mark Gerson has dramatically opened the eyes of many Christians to the deeper meanings of Scripture – and the broadcasts of The Bishop and the Rabbi, hosted by Bishop Robert Stearns and leading rabbis from many locations, have explored the weekly Torah portions (parshiyot) to gain scriptural understanding.

7. Speaking out on behalf of the People of Iran


In an hour when the people of the nation of Iran have become increasingly desperate for freedom from tyranny and oppression from their own clerical leaders, on May 21 the Iranian Freedom Rally hosted thousands of Iranians from around the world to lift their voices for a new day in Iran. Bishop Robert was one of many worldwide speakers who assembled online to advocate for a just and democratic government for all groups of people in Iran.

8. Despise Not Prophecy Conference Releases Faith Over 2020


As the world was preparing to enter a season of indefinite lockdowns and much uncertainty, the Despise Not Prophecy Conference in Buffalo in March 2020 released an unmistakably clear sound for the hour – just moments before large gatherings were suspended throughout the nation. Respected prophetic voices Dale and LuAnne Mast and David Wagner joined Bishop Robert in releasing the Word of the Lord into the atmosphere. It was a pivotal and unforgettable assembly as God’s people declared faith and hope over the days to come.

9. New Partnership Platform “My Eagles’ Wings”


This year, we were thrilled to unveil a new partnership platform, “My Eagles’ Wings”, to help better serve and bless the partners of Eagles’ Wings all around the world. The new partnership site serves as a host location for our online classes, partnership opportunities, and many other resources to be equipped and involved as we grow together as a movement of Jerusalem-centered Christianity.

10. Celebrating Israel from Buffalo to the Nations


Having produced gatherings of support for a decade, Buffalo Celebrates Israel took place this year on November 15 as a virtual online broadcast, hosted at The Tabernacle in Orchard Park. Highlighted by key addresses from Rabbi Erica Gerson and Israeli tour expert Doobie Sabbo, the event sent forth a clear sound of solidarity that was more timely than ever in this year of great challenges for Israel. In addition to the Buffalo event, powerful Celebrate Israel gatherings also took place this year regionally in Los Angeles, Maryland, and Alabama – with more being planned for 2021.

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