Emergency Response to those in need in Israel

Eagles’ Wings Abraham’s Bread Feeding Centers provide thousands of meals to the homebound

by Stephen Jenks

As nations around the world seek to contain the spread of the coronavirus, Israel has responded with some of the strongest measures to try to limit the impact on its people. For many this self-quarantine is an inconvenience but for the poor and most vulnerable this poses a threat to their survival. Those that would normally visit shelters and soup kitchens are cut off from their only channel for help and life-sustaining sustenance.

In response, Eagles’ Wings Abraham’s Bread Feeding Centers in Jerusalem and Tiberias, with our partners in the land have begun a massive effort to bring the help to those in need.

The elderly are most susceptible to the health dangers of this virus, including almost 200,000 Holocaust survivors.  They have been urged to stay in their homes, which leaves them isolated and alone. In order to serve the growing needs of this now homebound population, our efforts have shifted to preparing and packaging hundreds of hot meals as volunteers move from serving food to bravely delivering the food to those in need.

In just the last two weeks, thanks to our amazing partners we have been able to deliver hot meals to literally thousands across Israel in this critical time.

As Passover begins on Wednesday, April 8 the centers are packaging up food parcels to distribute to singles and family to make sure they have the needed foods to carry them through this multiple day holiday. As this situation continues to unfold Eagles’ Wings is committed to being there with the help and hope that is desperately needed for those who are living at or below the poverty line in Israel.

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