DNP Conference Recap

Despise Not Prophecy

A Gathering of Faith, Hope, and Love in Crisis

Last weekend, in the midst of a very challenging time in our nation and world, Eagles’ Wings was able to host the Despise not Prophecy Conference. Abiding by the unfolding government regulations, we gathered together for an incredible 3 days of ministry with David Wagner, Dale Mast, the Resting Place team, and many hungry for spiritual encouragement and equipping.

Thursday evening featured powerful worship from Bishop Robert Stearns, followed by a dynamic teaching on understanding the seasons of God and how God speaks. Bishop shared how originally the conference was scheduled for July, but six months before he felt to move it to March in the season between Purim and Passover.

There was no way to know that this timing would mean that this was literally the last time Christians would be able to gather in any significant number for the foreseeable future, as governments now limit gatherings of any kind to contain the Coronavirus COVID-19.

Even with this growing global pandemic as the backdrop, the atmosphere during the conference was actually filled with incredible joy, freedom, and an abiding sense of the presence of God.

Ministry from special guests David Wagner and Dale Mast was all about the “good news” that God was not taken by surprise by this crisis and that He is actively working for good in the midst of our world.

Here are some powerful insights from our guests:

“We are going to get through this next season by staying at the table [of fellowship with the Lord].” – David Wagner

“You need to agree with God about how He views you!” – Dale Mast

“What happens when your miracle needs a miracle? You call on God.” – David Wagner

“God does not fulfill words for strangers, but he does fulfill destinies for sons and daughters.” – Dale Mast

“Until you know the love and safety of the Father, you will not live nearly as dangerously as you need to.”  – Dale Mast

“Being a prophetic people is all about friendship with God.” – David Wagner

As the weekend continued, the level of faith and hope only seemed to increase. By Sunday morning it was incredible to sense the nearness of God’s presence and the joy that filled the congregation even in the midst of this challenging time. At one point Bishop Tommy Reid stood at the front of the sanctuary with tears streaming down his face, as he acknowledged that for many years he had been praying and believing for what was being experienced at that moment.

There was so much that God did over these days, and if you would like to also be encouraged by these powerful times of teaching and worship you can access them here:

The most important takeaway from this time was that God does still speak and is looking for those who like Abraham will be “friends of God” with whom He can share His secrets.

May His faith, hope, and love sustain you as you listen for His voice, a voice of peace in the midst of the storm.

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