Eagles’ Wings Expands its Global Footprint in Africa

Eagles’ Wings Expands its Global Footprint in Africa

Wherever Bishop Robert Stearns travels throughout the world, the influence of Eagles’ Wings finds a resting place in the hearts of Pastors, Leaders and Churches. The timeless and yet fresh message that Bishop espouses continues to reverberate loud and clear in the ears of multitudes, while encouraging and challenging all of us to a higher calling.

Eagles’ Wings and its ever-expanding message has recently found a home in Kenya, Africa. In a significant missions program called “S.E.E.K.” (Suba Environmental Education of Kenya) which is helping to educate thousands in environmental and health-related issues, is being led by two very influential African Pastors and their spouses. These two leaders are men who are not only lovers of the people they are training… but they are also lovers of Israel.

Both of these Pastors have long desired to one day go to the Holy Land and experience the “footsteps of Jesus” for themselves. Just several months ago, these two men, through the generous gifts of others, were able to fly to Israel and fulfill the dreams of their hearts. They have returned home to Kenya as committed Zionists.

While in Israel, I had the privilege of being able to baptize both Pastor John Gombe and Pastor Hezron Obado in the Jordan River. The experience was a pivotal moment in both of these leaders’ lives. These two Pastors will forever teach and share the stories of Israel and the Jewish people from first-hand knowledge.

In order to further help this “Israel Experience” to grow in Kenya, Bishop Stearns and Eagles’ Wings will play a big part in the success of seeing this vision expand. From August 10-21, Pastor Gombe and Pastor Obado will be receiving the Watchman on the Wall Manual along with other Eagles’ Wings materials to help aid them in their ministries. I will have the wonderful opportunity to be in Kenya personally to help guide these leaders in their desire to “teach the truths of Zion.”

The vision of Bishop Stearns and Eagles’ Wings continues to grow throughout the Nations of the earth. As hunger for the truth of Israel grows, you will undoubtedly find Eagles’ Wings leading the way in educating those who are asking for help. Through printed materials, teaching and preaching, spending time with Pastor’s and Leaders, and taking countless trips to Israel to impact people’s lives…Eagles’ Wings will be on the cutting edge of transformation.

None of this would be possible without YOU our partners. Your love, prayers, and gifts enable us to continue our efforts to bring light into dark places. Every dollar given to the vision and calling of Eagles’ Wings is maximized through the relentless drive of our team to spread the word. You inspire us to continue in the all-important work of educating people to the truths of Zion! For that, we are grateful.

Blessings and Shalom!

Pastor Joe Green
Sr. Vice President of Development
Eagles’ Wings/ Israel Christian Nexus  

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