SPECIAL REPORT: 5 cities, 9 days, 1 million impacted!

SPECIAL REPORT: 5 cities, 9 days, 1 million impacted

This month many young Christians across Brazil were gripped by an awareness of the urgency to pray for and support Israel as Bishop Robert flew to the nation of Brazil for a dynamic ministry trip.  In partnership with Pastor Teo Hayashi from Dunamis Movement, Bishop preached over a dozen meetings in nine days in five different cities.

Robert addressed tens of thousands of mostly young believers in some of the largest churches in the nation, as well as at the prestigious Mackenzie University. He shared from the book of Esther, challenging the church in Brazil to be like Queen Esther, in praying for and standing with Israel and the Jewish people.

Weeks before the trip, Eagles’ Wings worked with Brazilian ministry contacts to translate into Portuguese several key resources, including Robert’s book The Cry of Mordecai (O Grito de Mordecai), to equip the next generation. Many hundreds of young Christians downloaded and purchased these materials during the trip, hungry to learn more.  Here are a few of the photos from this amazing trip.

We look forward to this impact continuing in Brazil for many years to come!

Over 4,000 people listening as Bishop shares from the scriptures about Esther.
Bishop challenges the congregation that the church must pray for and stand with Israel.
One of our hosts, Pastor Felippe Valadão, who leads Next Lagoinha Niterói in Rio de Janeiro, one of the key churches in the nation.
Throughout Bishop’s travels, many responded to the call for a fresh commitment to God and His people.
Bishop parallels the life of Esther to that of the responsibility of the Christian church to not be silent as evil men plot to destroy Israel and the Jewish people again.
Bishop being welcomed by Pastor Leo Matos from Igreja Batista Central de Belo Horizonte.
The campus of Igreja Batista Central de Belo Horizonte where Bishop preached two services.
Bishop’s book “Cry of Mordecai” just released in Portuguese.
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