“The Battle Has Turned’ a Prophetic Encouragement

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“The Battle Has Turned”
A Prophetic Encouragement from Bishop Tommy Reid
Released at East Coast Conference, Sunday, July 11, 2021

The battle has “turned” from survival, defense and only maintenance to offense and victory.
The battle has turned- today, we have come into a new season…
The battle has turned. We have been on the defensive…but now…today… this hour…we have entered a new season.
This season shall be defined as the season of victory.
The church has been lifted by God and by His Spirit into a new offensive position…

We will begin to see ourselves as the Body of Christ as a victorious army…marching toward victory
We will begin to see amazing victories against sickness and disease
We will begin to see amazing victories against even Satan’s enemy of poverty that has brought destruction to a city destined for victory…

This is the day!
This is the hour!
This is the time of revival!
This is the day when we will begin to see the reward that Jesus earned at the cross to defeat Satan in our city.
Yes, even in our nation and our world…
Remember this is a new season…

Begin to have victory in your mind and
Most of all have victory in your spirit
As victory is in your spirit, begin to have victory in your mouth…
Remember, write this on your spirit
Your prayers are not being answered, but do not stop praying.

Everything is born in prayer…and this victory is born in your spirit and in your prayers…
Intercession is the watchword…
Begin to see yourself as an intercessor
as you drive your car
as you wash your dishes
as you clean your house
as you work at your desk even at work
May intercession that is born in your spirit, come out of your mouth.
And god will hear your prayer…

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