“There Must Be More”

“There Must Be More”

Bishop Robert Challenges the Growing Movement of Millennials at 15th Anniversary of Resting Place

“There Must Be More!” That was the theme of the fifteenth-anniversary conference of the Resting Place House of Prayer where Bishop Robert ministered along with Rick Pino, Awaken Wells, Sean and Christa Smith, Chris Burns, Matt Stinton, and many more.

This growing movement of young millennials from across the Tri-State area who are hungry for God was birthed out of a unique, sustained move of God which began when Bishop Robert went to minister at a youth lock-in at Bethany Church in Wyckoff. As the evening began a powerful sense of the presence of God filled all present which led to them worshiping and praying all night long, and launched 5 years “revival or renewal” where over 150,000 people came through the doors of the church, including Resting Place founder Ali Ferrell.

More than any other Resting Place conference, this time was about remembering what God did during those five years, honoring those who helped steward this fresh move of God, and stirring up a hunger for God to do it again.

Bishop shared a powerful word over the house about a sound of worship that carries authority to change the culture. He declared, “We are at a moment of change in the church that will be greater than the protestant reformation.” The evening ended with many at the altar giving themselves in a fresh way to God.

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