Eagles’ Wings: Transforming Lives in the Philippines

Eagles’ Wings: Transforming Lives in the Philippines

The sight was unforgettable: 800 youth were crying, rejoicing, and worshiping in the heart of Cebu City, the Philippines, as Mark Passarella and others from our team sang, preached, and prayed for them.

This was the scene last year as Eagles’ Wings participated in a city-wide youth gathering as part of our Philippines outreach.

Some of these youth had grown up living in the poorest areas of the city, with no running water and little food. From the time they were small children, the church they were standing in had opened their doors week after week to provide a warm meal and medicine. Our team had been invited in to empower these young people including leaders like Chris.

Chris, who was rescued from the streets, had an encounter with God and today is serving and caring for many children of the streets as if he were their big brother or father. It was so beautiful to see a young “spiritual father” in action, just as we often pray for as a team. Our team had a chance in that moment to encourage him in his ministry.

This month, Mark and an Eagles’ Wings team will again be ministering in Cebu, the Philippines. On the ministry trip, they will be speaking at a youth conference, serving in the slums of Cebu, and visiting a rescue mission that cares for young girls ages 1 to 16 who have been rescued from sex trafficking. (Yes, that’s ages 1 to 16 – not a typo).

These young girls’ parents and guardians are in jail for trafficking them. This kind of trauma at such a young age is unthinkable, and yet when our team previously visited this center we saw some of the happiest and most content little girls. We went to their special center to minister and teach them for 2 days, but we ended up leaving transformed as we saw how God has miraculously brought them out of darkness, and into His marvelous light. We are anticipating another powerful ministry trip this month as we return to partner with God’s heart by investing into these young lives!

Below are some images from this past trip.

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