Israel and United Arab Emirates Enter into Historic Agreement

A New Era: Israel and UAE Peace Agreement

Last week the White House announced a peace agreement and normalization of diplomatic relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, a historic development that demonstrates Israel’s commitment to building relationships with Arab nations who have embraced a true position of peace.

We affirm and celebrate this development that indicates a positive and peaceful direction for the immediate and long-term future of the Middle East. Israel’s desire to work with willing partners in the Middle East continues to be proven as world events unfold in these unprecedented times.

Just a few years ago in December 2016, as the United States was preparing to move its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, Bishop Robert Stearns was invited to write an op-ed in the New York Times in which he wrote that the U.S. embassy move exhibited the White House’s commitment to promoting principled leadership in the Middle East region.

Despite the extremely negative backlash from many who commented in opposition to the article and to the moving of the embassy, claiming that the move would lead to all-out war, history continues to demonstrate that those who are on the side of faith, goodwill, and courage can be part of the advancement of the reality of peace that proves more powerful than hostility.

We invite you to join us in making known your support of this action taken by the U.S., Israel, and the United Arab Emirates. To view and share the White House statement of this recent agreement, click here.

May these nations hold the course of true diplomatic peace, and may many more nations in the Middle East and around the world join them in working for a lasting peace that supersedes the evils of terrorism and violence.

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