35 key millennial leaders journey to Israel at a critical moment

35 key millennial leaders journey to Israel at a critical moment

“Only 58% of evangelicals ages 18 to 34 hold positive views of Israel, compared with 76% of evangelicals over 65, according to a December survey of more than 2,000 people from LifeWay Research, an evangelical polling organization.”
– “Younger Evangelicals Waver in Support of Israel”, Wall Street Journal, June 3, 2018(1)

For years, the evangelical Christian community has represented one of Israel’s strongest supporters. Today this force, which has been a strong reason for the United States’ strong stand with Israel, is no longer guaranteed. Many young pastors and ministry leaders are rising through the ranks with either ignorance about Israel or animosity toward the nation, fueled by the false Palestinian narrative of Israeli occupation and oppression. They are leading evangelicals away from support for Israel.

Since 2016 Bishop Robert Stearns and Eagles’ Wings have brought 102 pastors to Israel to help inform them and give them a first-hand view of what is really going on in the land. These leaders return as dynamic voices to their congregations and ministry networks about what they have witnessed, which often challenges the perspective that many of them have grown up with.

In just a few days, our next group of key millennial leaders will be journeying with Bishop Robert Stearns to Israel. This is not a sight-seeing trip but an in-depth perspective on the land and people of Israel. During their trip, they will meet with leaders in business, politics, and religion, including being able to encourage the Arab Christian community in the areas currently controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

We believe the impact that results from a group of this size traveling to Israel and then linking together in an ongoing way could shift the conversation in the young evangelical world – and stop the erosion of support for Israel that is a growing threat as the older generation of leaders pass their ministries and movements to a younger generation largely ignorant about Israel and sometimes belligerent against Israel.

Watch on Eagles’ Wings Facebook, Bishop Robert Stearns’ Instagram, and more for updates from throughout the trip.

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