Bishop Robert Joins Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan at the UN

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NEW YORK – On October 27, at the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza outside the United Nations in New York City, Bishop Robert Stearns joined with Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan and an assembly of leaders from Israel, the U.S., and other nations; to protest publicly against the pervasive antisemitism running rampant in the continual actions of the UN.

The press conference, hosted by StandWithUs and entitled “The UN Human Rights Council’s Modern-Day Antisemitism”, brought exposure to the actions of the so-called Human Rights Council of the UN and its “Commission of Inquiry”, which has become a vitriolic kangaroo court for attacking Israel, despite the nation’s unceasing efforts to live in peace in its land.

In his remarks, Bishop Stearns defended Israel’s historic connection to its homeland and stated, “The UN Human Rights Council has issued condemnations against Israel more times than it has done so against Iran, North Korea, and Syria combined – 3 of the nations most openly known for their blatant human rights violations against women, against political opponents, and against religious minorities… We come here today to advocate for the real truth in a real, free world – not the false information spoon-fed by international dictators and their welcome committee at the UN… The injustice and antisemitism must end, and it must end now.”

Many thanks to all the supporters of Eagles’ Wings who make it possible for such vital advocacy efforts on behalf of Israel to continue in this important hour.

Bishop Robert was the final speaker at this event. Click here to view the video broadcast.

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