Take a moment and write a short message of encouragement to an Israeli family or home-bound Holocaust survivor. You can type it into this form, write your own or create artwork you can easily upload as well. These messages will be printed out and delivered along with needed food and essentials through our Abraham's Bread Feeding Center.
Write Your Letter
This letter will be included with the food deliveries to Israeli individuals and families in need.

Would you like to include a gift for Abraham’s Bread with your letter? (As little as $9 can make a big difference.)

$9 delivers a hot meal to a shut-in elderly Holocaust survivor
$18 ensures that a couple in need have a warm meal
secures a week of meals for a new immigrant who has been caught in this pandemic
provides a family of 5 who were already struggling with nutritious meals for a week

YES! I want to respond to this URGENT need and help feed those in need in Israel during this crisis.

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