Christians March in the Celebrate Israel Parade to Stand with Israel

Christians March in the Celebrate Israel Parade to Stand with Israel

For the sixth year, Bishop Robert Stearns and Eagles’ Wings were honored to host the only Christian crew marching in the Celebrate Israel Parade, June 2 in Manhattan. The parade has been taking place since the 1960s and is one of the largest pro-Israel gatherings in the entire world. However, it wasn’t until six years ago that Christians began to march in the parade alongside their Jewish brothers and sisters.

“ We are honored to march alongside the Jewish community in solidarity as we stand for peace and unity,”  said Bishop Robert Stearns.  

This year’s Christian group consisted of around 50 marchers, mostly made up of millennials.

As the group passed the main grandstand on the parade route, the announcers shouted, “We love Christians, we love Eagles’ Wings, and we love Robert Stearns!” The crowd of mostly Jewish observers applauded and cheered, obviously moved deeply as Christians were marching in solidarity in the parade.

We would love for this event to grow with Christian support in the coming years. Next year, plan on marching for Israel with us! If you feel led to give toward events like this that support Israel, we invite you to donate below. We could not do what we do without your help and support. Thank you – together we are helping to support Israel!

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