Robert Stearns

Robert Stearns


Robert Stearns is globally recognized as a communicator, musician, and thought leader. Equally at home among prime ministers and small faith communities alike, Robert works tirelessly for the dignity of all peoples everywhere and is widely respected around the world for his groundbreaking efforts.

What People Are Saying

  • “I’ve been privileged to know Robert Stearns and Eagles’ Wings for many years. Robert Stearns is one of the clearest voices sounding the prophetic counsel of God today. I believe that Eagles’ Wings is truly a rising influence in the nations. The ministries that they undertake through worship, conferences, and communication are consistently excellent.”

    Stephen Fry
    Stephen Fry Senior Pastor Messenger Fellowship International
  • I am encouraged by the efforts being made by Robert Stearns to educate Christian on the serious threat of radical Islam.  He is raising up educated ambassadors to take a stand for truth and our shared Judeo-Christian values."

    Minister Gilad Erdan
    Minister Gilad Erdan Minister of Public Security and Strategic Affairs for the State of Israel
  • "The work of Robert Stearns and Eagles' Wings is supremely important at a time when Israel is being denounced and delegitimized throughout much of the world."

    Dr. Michael Oren
    Dr. Michael Oren Knesset member and Deputy Minister, Prime Minister's Office
  • "Like a modern-day prophet, Robert Stearns brings vital insight and strategy into how we can meet the challenges of our day. His integrity, character and commitment to the centrality of the Presence of God have caused Robert to be trusted and sought out by world leaders from every arena."

    Robert Morris
    Robert Morris Senior Pastor Gateway Church
  • “Robert Stearns challenges us to recognize and confront forces of extremism that threaten the values of freedom and opportunity around the world.”

    Joseph Lieberman
    Joseph Lieberman United States Senate
  • Through Eagles’ Wings we’re seeing African Americans, Hispanics, Asian, and all races coming together and saying were all committed to the Peace of Jerusalem, we’re all committed to Israel and the Jewish people. I believe Robert is a prophetic voice that has emerged for such a time as this in engaging for the Peace of Jerusalem, and for the nation of Israel uniting in the body of Christ.

    Samuel Rodriguez
    Samuel Rodriguez National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference
  • “ God has brought Robert Stearns to the Kingdom for such a time as this! Robert and Eagles' Wings have a vision for capturing the heart of young people for God. God has used this ministry to bring many different groups of people together with one passion: to fulfill the purpose of God and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem."

    Kay Arthur
    Kay Arthur Precept Ministries International
  • “In every generation, God raises up a David... someone who passionately ushers in the presence of God through worship. Robert Stearns is a “David” in our day."

    David Ireland
    David Ireland Christ Church
  • "There are very few people in the Kingdom of God like Robert Stearns. He is always dynamic and he is always seeking God. He has a big heart for people, for the world and a heart for the Middle East and Israel. I am very impressed that He is both standing with Israel, and reaching out to Christians across the Middle East, many who are Arab Christians suffering because of the current conflict. Also, experiencing his anointing in worship you know that this man has the hand of God upon his life and I’m proud to call him my friend."

    Billy Wilson
    Billy Wilson Oral Roberts University
  • "Robert Stearns and the ministry of Eagles' Wings are making a great difference in the world today. With 20 years of experience under his belt, Robert has proven his trustworthiness as a leader in the Body of Christ. I don't know of a ministry that is more strategic for the Church today than that of Robert Stearns and Eagles' Wings."

    Jack Hayford
    Jack Hayford The Foursquare Church
  • "As one who has known Robert Stearns for over 25 years, and as one who has helped to father him in the faith, it is my honor to express my confidence in his leadership, anointing, and personal integrity. Robert is one of the world's most dynamic worship leaders, and carries a message to the Body of how to develop a lifestyle of worship that is acceptable to God."

    Tommy Reid
    Tommy Reid The Tabernacle
  • “I recommend Robert Stearns and the Eagles’ Wings team to all of those with a heart for renewal, worship, and reconciliation. Robert’s unique gifts as communicator of precious truths have strategically positioned his ministry as a gracious tool of the Holy Spirit’s work in these days.”

    Joseph Garlington
    Joseph Garlington Covenant Church

Robert Stearns

The Leader

Robert Stearns is the visionary leader of the global cross-cultural movement called Eagles’ Wings.

Whether he is building bridges of friendship with the community, engaged in human rights activism on behalf of the oppressed, engaging world leaders on issues surrounding Jerusalem and the Middle East, or equipping young leaders with spiritual and practical wisdom, Robert’s uncanny ability to unite courageous people under the best values of Western Civilization has given him a platform to speak up for truth in many circles around the world.

He travels extensively lending expertise to a variety of projects and initiatives including the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem – a grassroots prayer movement now observed in over 175 nations worldwide – of which he is the founder and co-chairman.

He has established a mentoring and leadership development program for young people who wish to influence society through media, arts, politics, etc and has worked with college-aged youth and young pastors from over 20 nations. He is a respected influence by these young men and women as well as his peers and by global leaders, from every sphere of society, whom he meets with on a consistent basis to offer support, counsel, and strategy.

Robert Stearns

The Author

Robert Stearns’ love for writing has resulted in several cutting-edge non-fiction titles that have won him an audience among a wide array of people.  His first book, Prepare the Way, was an insightful look at the trends and the pathway of Christianity in the 21st century – ironically before the 21st century began. Written in the late 90’s as a forecast of coming sea changes in our culture, it is stunning to look back and observe the accuracy with which he correctly predicts key transformations and trends in Christian culture.  His next work, Keepers of the Flame looks at the parallels between ancient and modern worship as described in Leviticus.  The Cry of Mordecai, was his next work and serves as a call to recognize the power of one individual to take a stand against totalitarianism, violence, and oppression.   Most recently he has written No We Can’t¸ a compelling look at the three major ideologies in conflict in the world today, and how people of faith can find a path of understanding without compromising their beliefs and values.

His works address both the individual and collective responsibility to stand for what is right and focus on the limitless possibilities that result from inner transformation. All of Robert’s writing, like himself, challenges the parameters of life as we too often perceive it, and pushes us toward achieving lives of deep meaning and eternal purpose.

Robert Stearns

The Artist

Robert Stearns is a gifted vocalist and musician whose voice has reached hundreds of thousands across the globe imparting strength, hope, and inspiration. As a recording artist, he has produced more than 10 recordings ranging from live worship to instrumental ballads. His solo album, The Impossible Dream, has caught the ear of industry professionals and spiritual seekers alike.

He has been the featured soloist, singing in front of millions of people both on television and at events around the world at such events as AIPAC’s annual convention, and was asked to be the guest soloist at the fifteenth anniversary 9/11 memorial service held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City.

Robert also has a unique gift of composing poignant spontaneous song lyrics in the midst of a worship service much like King David composed the Psalms as a “new song” sprang up out of a heart of thanksgiving.

Robert Stearns sings “On Eagles’ Wings” at 15th Annv 9/11 Memorial

Robert Stearns

The Speaker

As a public speaker, Robert Stearns is a sought-after commodity around the world because of his grasp on what is truly (and eternally) important in life, and because of his ability to communicate powerfully to people from backgrounds vastly different than his own.

Robert annually speaks at dozens of conferences and events around the U.S. and internationally, stirring people of faith and principles to action and helping them to believe that they truly can make a lasting difference for good in today’s world.

His speaking engagements over the years have included such audiences as the House of Lords in London, the annual Jerusalem Conference, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem Feast of Tabernacles, Israel’s Knesset, National Religious Broadcasters, Family Research Council, and many more.

Robert is one of those people who seems to have the uncanny ability to connect with any and every person he comes into contact with. Whether addressing a convocation of world leaders or sharing lattes with a handful of young men he’s mentoring, he speaks in a way that is both accessible and transcendent.

His sincere and unaffected manner can disarm with wit and candor, and in the same turn, cut through layers of meaning to reveal the heart of a matter.

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