The Effects of High Schoolers Being Removed from Society

The Effects of High Schoolers Being Removed from Society

Every summer, a small group of high schoolers are choosing to step out of their daily lives to walk deeper with God than they ever have before. Teen Missions Camp is not your normal Christian summer camp!

For me I was fifteen years old when I made the choice. At first, it was a cool idea, but I never actually thought I would do it. Who takes three weeks out of their summer and misses a family vacation for some summer camp that nobody you even know is going on? I knew that there was something more for me though, and all of a sudden I found myself on an airplane headed to one of the most life-changing journeys I would go on.

I was restless and afraid when it all began. Up to this point, fear had a strong impact on my life. Questions and doubt began to fill my head.

“Was this the right choice for me? 
What am I doing here? 
You don’t have what it takes to be here. 
Nobody here is going to like you.”

With that ringing in my ear, we gathered around for worship. We stood around a couple of worn couches inside this cabin in the middle of nowhere. Various animals hung on the wall staring at me. Out of the window, you could see the outhouse we would be using over the next five days. For a suburban kid from New Jersey, this was well out of my element. Then all of a sudden with just an acoustic guitar and our voices, the room had shifted. From the first strum – young, hungry hearts were awakened. As everyone immediately became fully engaged, I looked around the room wide-eyed in amazement. Without any hype, loudspeakers, or witty phrases, God was there. I saw young people just like me fully abandoned before God. It challenged me to go straight before the Father like never before. I closed my eyes, joined in worship, and from there became forever changed.

~ Anthony Salerno

Teen Missions Camp continues to carry that heart and vision today. If you or someone you know is young and searching for a deeper awakening, I want to invite you this summer, June 26 – July 13, to join us. God is calling the next generation into a deeper relationship with Him. Visit for more info and to register.

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