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Every summer, Bishop Robert and Eagles’ Wings are bringing young adults to Israel for the Israel Experience. The Israel Experience is the young adult trip to be on, powerfully impacting these young leaders as they travel to Israel and see the land for themselves. Listen to Erika’s experience of her adventure to Israel:

“Being a part of the Israel Experience program, I feel that my true love and passion for the Jewish people came alive as I embarked on this journey. I went to Israel with a knowledge of God’s heart for the land and people. But, I didn’t quite find the heart connection and love for the land until I stepped foot in the land! I can truly say God put His heart inside of me on this journey, and how I see Israel and God will never be the same!”  – Erika W

There are so many young people who experience exactly what Erika did on her trip to Israel. The Israel Experience is more than a trip, it’s a pilgrim’s journey. Young adults are traveling the land of Israel and experiencing God, undergoing personal growth, exploring, serving the people of the land, learning, and having fun with new friends.

At Eagles’ Wings, we are convinced that we need to connect the faith of young believers to the ancient land where it all started. Today in modern Israel, you can encounter the places where the people of the Bible experienced God. It will awaken a new depth of God’s kingdom, plan, and love in your life!

Some activities on the Israel Experience include:
* Bible Studies in biblical sites
* Learning from Jewish Rabbis
* House of Prayer worship times
* Learning about the modern state of Israel
* Meeting Arab Christians living in Palestinian Territories
* Serving the poor of Israel
* Riding in Jeeps through the Golan Heights
* Camping outside in the Judean Desert
* Floating in the Dead Sea
* Swimming in the waterfalls of David at Ein Gedi
* Working in vineyards in Samaria
* Worshipping on the Sea of Galilee
* and so much more!

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