30k + Lives Lost

$1M + Aide Sent

Since 10.7.2023

4/18/2024 – Advancing Support for Israel in Washington, D.C.

This week Bishop Robert Stearns spent time in some private meetings with high-level government leaders, fellow evangelical leaders, and advocacy groups as a Christian voice for Israel encouraging unwavering support […]

4/14/2024 – [LIVE] Iran Launches Attack on Israel

On 4/13/2024, Iran launched hundreds of suicide drones and missiles at Israel. I immediately went live with several of our friends in Israel, even as the sky above them was […]

1/30/2024 – Day #1 National Gathering for Prayer & Repentance, Washington, D.C.

I’m in Washington, D.C., this week for a series of diplomatic meetings with faith and governmental leaders. The meetings center around the global pressure surge upon people of faith and […]

10/23/2023 – Live strategic trainings to fight lies

As we continue to navigate this unprecedented time of war, I believe it is absolutely vital that we stay educated and informed. To “never forget” looks like something. Though we cannot […]

10/20/2023 – Live update from Na’ama

Hear below from Na’ama, who is feeling the weight of the war as her husband is away serving with the IDF, she is scared to death for her children and the […]

10/18/2023 – An important message from the Tabernacle

This Sunday morning, just hours after returning from Israel, I brought this very important message to the Tabernacle in Buffalo, NY. I believe this is a message that the entire […]

10/16/2023 – Live from “Anti-Israel” rally in NYC

Though it’s been over a week, and though most of us are thousands of miles away, we CANNOT forget about our brothers and sisters in Israel. Not to mention the […]

10/14/2023 – [I Stand With Israel] emergency fund launch

My boys and I were in Jerusalem when we awoke to loud sirens echoing across the city, warning of impending rockets. We rushed to the bomb shelter much like we […]

10/12/2023 – Rockets fired from Hezbollah in Lebanon

As the reports continue to come in from various parts of Israel, the depth of this attack on Israeli soil is beyond anything the land and people have seen before. Many, […]

10/10/2023 – Estimated 1,000 people killed

Thank you for all your continued prayers as my sons and I are here in Jerusalem, representing you and our Eagles’ Wings partners and friends, at this time of emergency […]

10/9/2023 – Number of hostages rises to 130

The last two days have been filled with interviews with international media, including CBN, TBN, and others, as well as meeting with Israeli leaders and our partners on the ground […]

10/8/2023 – One of the worst days in Israel

“Comfort, yes, comfort My people!” Says your God.” (Isaiah 40:1)   Many in Israel are saying yesterday’s surprise attack was one of the worst days in the modern history of Israel. The videos […]

10/7/2023 – Israel is under attack

I am here in a bomb shelter in Jerusalem. In the last several hours, hundreds and potentially thousands of rockets have been fired into Israel from the Hamas terror organization in Gaza. In […]

Our Global Response

Bishop Stearns recently led Eagles’ Wings Pastors Solidarity Mission to Israel, to stand with Israel. Give to help us meet the practical needs at this critical time.


On October 7, the fiftieth year anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, Islamic terrorist groups launched a surprise attack against Israel, firing thousands of rockets into the heart of major population centers, as well as many commandos infiltrating into Israel, murdering over a thousand citizens, injuring over three thousand, and taking 240 hostages into Gaza.

Facing this intense battle, the people of Israel are strong and resilient, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared, “We are at war, and we will win.” Hundreds of thousands have been activated to defend and protect Israel. Israel has been working around the clock to defeat its terrorist enemies and bring the hostages home to their families.


Eagles’ Wings is continuing to raise support for the “I Stand with Israel” Emergency Frontlines initiative, working with trusted partners to send our team down to be a practical expression of our support on the ground.



Our Abraham’s Bread Feeding Centers have become gathering and distribution centers for humanitarian aid to suffering communities throughout Israel. This is in addition to serving hundreds of Israelis from all different backgrounds who are in need, including young families, new immigrants from Ukraine, and elderly Holocaust survivors.



Eagles’ Wings is working with our partners on the ground in Israel to provide emergency services, medical equipment, and medical supplies to care for both the soldiers on the frontlines, civilians in Israel who have been injured by the continuous rocket attacks, and to those who continue to need help throughout Israel.



As hundreds of thousands of Israelis head to the frontlines, many communities are left in need of supplies to defend themselves. Communities in and around Judea and Samaria, which are bordered by hostile Arab villages, are especially in danger. We are working with trusted partners to provide practical equipment like flashlights, radios, and other security items so they can protect their community from further attacks.