10/10/2023 – Estimated 1,000 people killed

 In Frontlines

Thank you for all your continued prayers as my sons and I are here in Jerusalem, representing you and our Eagles’ Wings partners and friends, at this time of emergency for the nation of Israel.

Yesterday, at a time when I expected tensions to lessen a bit here in Jerusalem, the opposite happened and the nation is more on alert than ever before.

The war is far from over, as the battle rages on and rumors of conflict in the North with Hezbollah become a looming threat. It is time for all of us to awaken to urgent support for Israel!

Eagles’ Wings has launched an emergency “I Stand With Israel campaign” to raise $250,000 for Israel in this critical time. Join us today in bringing tangible support to the people of Israel in their urgent hour of need.

The death toll in Israel continues to rise, with estimates approaching 1,000 people killed, many of them innocent Israeli civilians murdered in cold blood. Over 2,600 Israelis have been wounded and over 4,400 rockets have been launched at Israel in the last 72 hours, as the IDF continues to gather intelligence about the estimated 150 Israeli hostages that have been taken captive.

Our Abraham’s Bread Feeding Centers in Jerusalem and Tiberias are working around the clock to help meet the needs of the people that are increasing with every day that passes. Many are stuck in their homes, unable to get supplies as the threats surround their homes and towns.

Our centers have become gathering and distribution hubs for humanitarian aid to suffering communities throughout Israel. This is in addition to serving hundreds of Israelis from all different backgrounds who are in need, including young families, new immigrants from Ukraine, and elderly Holocaust survivors.

Eagles’ Wings is also working with United Hatzalah, a community-based volunteer emergency medical services (EMS) organization committed to providing the fastest response to medical emergencies across Israel completely free of charge.  This amazing organization is providing emergency services and medical supplies to all the victims of this horrific attack and to those who continue to need help throughout Israel.

As thousands of Israelis head to the frontlines, many communities are left in need of supplies to defend themselves. These communities include Sde Boaz in the hills above Bethlehem, which is bordered by hostile Arab villages. We are working with trusted friends in that community to provide practical equipment like flashlights, radios, and other security items so they can protect their community from further attack.

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