The Young Adult Christian Birthright Trip!

The Young Adult Christian Birthright Trip!

The Israel Experience, the young adult Christian birthright trip, is giving young people a heart for Israel. From Tel Aviv to Mount Carmel, the students have been traveling up the coast experiencing the land of the Bible. It is coming alive before their very eyes.

Today, Laura said, “I’m seeing the struggle over the land and it’s revealing to me how important this place is.”

In the last few hours we’ve been learning about the struggle over the northern portion of the land of Israel and its vulnerability due to its location. It has inspired our team to see the importance of Israel. It has also inspired them to see the importance of their own lives, and to have courage where there has been struggle surrounding the places of importance in their own lives.

Thank you for your support of this journey for these young adults, and stay tuned for more updates soon!

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