Jews & Christians Unite in Alabama to Honor and Celebrate Israel

Jews & Christians gather in Alabama to honor and celebrate Israel

On Sunday October 25th, Bishop Robert Stearns and Eagles’ Wings conducted our first Celebrate Israel event since the COVID-19 pandemic which began back in March of 2020. Our hosts were Pastor Rusty and Leisa Nelson of The Rock Family Worship Center of Huntsville, Alabama.

The large enthusiastic crowd cheered and waved the flag of Israel while The Rock Family Worship Team opened the evening with the sounds and songs of Zion. The theme for the evening was “WHY?”. Why is the Jewish State enjoying explosive growth in areas such as technology, medical advancement, and start-up companies? And of course, why should Christians support Israel?

Bishop Robert Stearns answered the question with compelling arguments based on the Hebrew/Christian Scriptures and the promises and covenants of God. Stearns said that the God of Israel can be trusted because He has kept his promises to the patriarchs and to the Jewish people. Stearns went on to say that we as Christians have been grafted in to these same covenants and promises through faith and today enjoy the same blessings and benefits.

Pastor Michael Fisher of the Greater Zion Church Family of Compton, California, drew a parallel between Jewish history and the history of the African-American people. He recounted the plight of both people groups, including the expulsion from their homelands and the struggle to be treated fairly. It was a deeply moving presentation and Fisher concluded his remarks with the Christian African-American community stands together with our brothers and sisters, the Jewish people.

Pastor Rusty Nelson moderated the entire evening that included Bishop Stearns singing the Israeli national anthem “Hatikva,” and an address given by Laura King of the Jewish Federation of Huntsville, who emphasized their gratefulness to the Christian community for standing with the Jewish people. The gathering also featured amazing song and dance by The Rock Family Worship Center singers.

The keynote address came from Izzy Ezagui, who as a young volunteer with the IDF lost his left arm from a mortar attack in the Gaza Strip. After his lengthy and arduous rehabilitation, Izzy sought a path that led from rehabilitation to re-enlistment. After a struggle to perform all the duties and responsibilities of any soldier, Izzy managed to be reinstated in the IDF and became the world’s only one-armed Special Forces sniper.

The evening ended with a very emotional performance of the Aaronic Blessing in both English and Hebrew. Alabama Celebrates Israel is now history, but the evening will linger in the hearts and spirits of Jews and Christians alike until next year when we assemble again in Huntsville.

Pastor Joe Green
Senior V.P. of Development
Eagles’ Wings

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