Czech Parliamentarians receive their copies of Robert’s book at reception in the capital

Czech Parliamentarians receive their copies of Robert’s book at a reception in the capital

In a remarkable opportunity of advancement in the nations, the Czech Parliament hosted a special ceremony presenting Robert’s book No We Can’t at this critical time for both Europe and Israel.

As the Czech government weighs the possibility of moving their embassy to Jerusalem, a special presentation this month could help tip the scales in favor of the move. In an elegant ceremony in the Czech capital building, Robert’s best-selling book No We Can’t was presented to all current members of the Czech parliament.  Present to witness this historic occasion were Israeli Ambassador to the Czech Republic, H.E. Daniel Meron; Chairman of the Friends of Israel of the Czech Parliament, Dr. Miloslav Janulík; Vice-chairman of the Czech Friends of Israel Association, Karel Sedlacek; and key Christian leaders from the city of Prague and across the nation. The books were accompanied by a letter personally addressed to each member of parliament and sealed in an envelope. This special printing of Robert’s acclaimed book about the clash of worldviews and its impact on the future of our world was made possible through the generous support of Eagles’ Wings partners in the United States and the Czech Republic.

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