Czech President addresses the Knesset on moving the embassy to Jerusalem

Czech President addresses the Knesset on moving the embassy to Jerusalem, weeks after No We Can’t is given to Czech parliament members.

In a historic speech, Czech President Milos Zeman addressed Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Knesset on the eve of the opening of the Czech House, a next step in the proposed plan of moving the Czech embassy to Jerusalem. This was the first time a Czech leader has ever addressed the Knesset, and his words were a welcome reassurance of the goal of moving the embassy.

President Zeman said, “I promise I’ll do my best in order to realize the third step, after [the] honorary consulate and after [the] Czech House and you can guess what is to be the third step.”

This statement is significant as there are some in the Czech government who have expressed opposition to this move, including the Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis.

These developments come just weeks after the Czech Parliament hosted a special ceremony presenting Robert’s book No We Can’t to all the parliamentarians, including those who are part of the Prime Minister’s political party.

The timing could not be any more strategic, as the European Union increasingly becomes less favorable to Israel, and anti-Semitism grows across the continent. Just this year, the European Parliament hosted Leila Khaled, a convicted Palestinian terrorist.

Alluding to this event, President Zeman said, “I think it is a shame for the European Parliament, and it is shame for all Europeans.”

“At times it is important to ‘avoid political correctness,” the 74-year-old president added, noting that he specifically uses the term “Islamic terrorism” in spite of the controversy it may stir up.

Zeman closed by expressing his belief that the Czech Republic may be Israel’s best friend in the world, adding that he himself is “best friend of Israel in my own country.”

“My speech is a message toward solidarity with Israel and Jewish people,” he said.
In the light of the growing anti-Israel sentiment in the European Union, statements like the ones President Zeman made and the moving of the embassy to Jerusalem become even more critical.

Please pray with us that the Czech government will continue with its plan to move the embassy to Jerusalem soon and that other nations around the world will follow the example of Brazil, Guatemala, the Czech Republic and the United States in making this move.

Watch Czech President Milos Zeman’s speech to the Knesset.

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