Help Keep Eva’s Memory Alive!

Help Keep Eva’s Memory Alive!

Meet Eva Heyman – The story of a 13-year-old girl murdered in the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz more than 75 years ago. Eva began writing her diary 4 months before the Nazis sent her to the death camps. She has now become the newest star of Instagram.

“Eva Stories” garnered over a million followers within 24 hours of going live at the beginning of Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel. The project is an Instagram-stylized version of the story of the real-life of Eva Heyman.

Instagram stories are short photos or video clips that are posted online and disappear 24 hours later. But the project has used Instagram’s “highlight” feature to save the videos, pinning them to the Instagram account’s page for more permanent viewing. You can view Eva’s page by just clicking below:

Bishop Robert Stearns recently met with the project creator, Mati Kochavi. He said the goal for him and his daughter, Maya, is to raise awareness of the Holocaust in an era of short attention spans and for a generation that is addicted to new media formats and influenced by rapidly-increasing Holocaust deniers.

The popularity of the initiative has been boosted by high-profile endorsements, as well as coverage around the globe. The story was covered in The New York Times, The Washington Post and dozens of other media outlets.

Join Bishop Robert and millions of others keeping Eva’s memory alive…

View the Trailer below:

See the Impact below:

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