Israel Christian Nexus Reception and Los Angeles Celebrates Israel 

Los Angeles Reception: Bishop Robert Stearns and the Israel Christian Nexus hosted a “Thank you” Reception on the beautiful roof top of The Citrus for our generous partners who helped to fund the recent Millennial Pastors Trip to Israel.

In attendance were a few of the pastors who just returned from Israel with Bishop Stearns. They shared their personal and dramatic experiences with all those in attendance.

Bishop Stearns shared how the narrative is shifting in the Evangelical world concerning Israel, due to these highly successful pilgrimages. Nearly every pastor has returned with their view of Israel completely reframed. It is an amazing transformation that is reverberating throughout their congregations as well as the multitudes that follow them on social media.

Many of our partners were deeply impacted by the compelling and persuasive testimonies of these leaders and were pleasantly surprised to learn that many of them have already filled rosters for a return trip to Israel with their congregants.

Los Angeles Celebrates Israel: After an exciting evening of celebrating our recent return from Israel with over 60 Evangelical leaders, Bishop Stearns and the Eagles’ Wings team met with Pastor Michael Fisher and his pastoral network at the Greater Zion Church Family. Among the attendees were approximately 50 pastors and leaders, along with the newly appointed LA Consul General Hillel Newman, Compton Mayor Aja Brown (seen below with Bishop Robert Stearns), Councilwoman Michelle Chambers, and other dignitaries.

The meeting included testimony of Pastor Fisher’s life-changing trip to Israel with Bishop Stearns and the Israel Christian Nexus. Consul General Newman confirmed the importance of the alliance between Jews and Christians and committed to work with Bishop Stearns and Eagles’ Wings in the future. Mayor Brown also pledged her support to work with Bishop Stearns as well as Pastor Fisher in his endeavors, along with numerous pastors and dignitaries.

In connection to this recent gathering, Los Angeles Celebrates Israel will take place on Sunday, January 19th at 5:00 pm at the Greater Zion Church Family in Compton, CA. Consul General Newman will join Bishop Stearns along with Rabbi Pini Dunner of the Young Israel of North Beverly Hills, Mayor Brown, and other dignitaries for what will prove to be a life-changing gathering.

Please watch for updates over the next few weeks, and plan to join us if you are in the greater Los Angeles area!

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