Join Us… Next Sunday in New Jersey!

Join Us… Next Sunday in New Jersey!

Eagles’ Wings is soon to arrive in the Tri-City area of New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut for an impacting New Jersey Celebrates Israel (NJCI) gathering on Sunday, March 17th at 6:00pm. We will report on the success of the event in our next Global Update, but wanted to make sure you were invited to be a part of this historic undertaking. You can find more information on the NJCI at and/or go to Robert Stearns’ Facebook Public Page.

Bishop Stearns will lead the evening with leaders from both the Jewish and Christian communities, with celebratory song along with inspiring and challenging words from rabbis, pastors, and community leaders. Don’t miss this one!

We at Eagles’ Wings have been challenged by our founder, Bishop Robert Stearns, to not only think globally but to begin transitioning from a Ministry to a Movement. This is a charge we take very seriously. We have witnessed in just the last several months a dramatic increase in opportunities from across the world to help churches and leaders connect with their Jewish roots of the Christian faith. This is a critical part of our calling at Eagles’ Wings, and we labor unendingly to see this become a reality.

From Brazil to Eastern Europe, from Israel to the United States, and far too many other points to mention, Eagles’ Wings is having influence around the world. Through our Celebrate Israel gatherings, Watchmen on the Wall seminars, EW Television Program, Abraham’s Bread Feeding Centers in Jerusalem and Tiberias, Awake Jerusalem pilgrimages, and Millennial Pastors trips, we are committed to educating the Church on God’s heart for Israel and for both the Jewish and Arab people.

New cities are calling our office and asking for us to come and bring a Celebrate Israel gathering to their region. Besides the upcoming New Jersey Celebrates Israel, we are now planning events in San Bernardino, CA; Tampa Bay, FL; Houston, TX; and Miami, FL to name a few. We are honored to join with leaders across the country and help bring them into a greater understanding of their role to bless Israel. Visit for updated information on all upcoming events.

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