Did you know the first Great Awakening in America started in New Jersey?

Did you know the first Great Awakening in America started in New Jersey?

Join us where history was made – it’s time for a greater awakening!

Throughout history, the great revivals were preceded by a “great awakening.”  This was a time when men and women of deep faith shook off the slumber of mediocrity and compromise and sounded a clear call to repentance, holiness, and the love of God for lost humanity.

In the 1720’s, Theodore Frelinghuysen, a minister in New Jersey, was shocked by the deadness of the churches in America. He along with another New Jersey pastor, Gilbert Tennent, preached the the importance of leaving a life of sin and giving your life fully to God. They saw many people come out of darkness, and eventually news of this awakening reached Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield. Whitefield, a catalyst for this renewal as revival swept through the colonies, was recorded to have preached to over 30,000 in one meeting. 

Why the history lesson? In answer to that question, could it be that God is about to do something even greater? 

This July 10-13, Eagles’ Wings is hosting the East Coast Conference in New Jersey, close to the very area where Frelinghuysen and Tennent would have preached. Now in its twenty-sixth year, ECC continues to sound the trumpet of a prophetic call to the nation.   

This year’s theme is “Awake!” If we are indeed on the verge of another great move of God in our land, then it would seem that we must first have a “great awakening.” We are believing that this East Coast Conference is part of that sound of awakening.  

How about you? Will you participate in this unique moment as Christians from across the nation come together to cry out for the “greater things” that God wants to do? With special guest Micah Wood from the RAMP, Julie Meyer, the Fitt brothers, and of course Bishop Robert and the Eagles’ Wings Team, it promises to be a powerful time of fresh outpouring. 

Register below and join us this July 10-13 in Cranford, NJ. It’s time for a greater awakening!

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