Israel Experience Students Leave Their Blood in Jerusalem

Israel Experience Students Leave Their Blood in Jerusalem

For the 15th consecutive year, Eagles’ Wings sent Christian student leaders from colleges and universities across the nation to be participants in the 2018 Israel Experience. Dubbed the “Christian Birthright” by the Jerusalem Post and Eretz Magazine, the Israel Experience is connecting young millennial Christians with the roots of their faith in Israel, among the Jewish people and also the Christian Arab community.

One of this year’s highlights was a visit to the Jerusalem Magen David Adom headquarters. Here, students went on a tour of the state-of-the art-emergency response facilities and had the opportunity to give their own blood to help provide for future emergency needs in Israel.

Israel Experience student Garrison Castro said, “This land has given me so much, including my faith, and this is the least I can do to give back to the people.”

As students connected their faith to the Land and people of Israel, gratitude began to grow in their hearts, and giving blood became an expression of thankfulness. Throughout the tour of the land of Israel, the love of these young adult Christians visibly grew for their “elder brother” the Jewish people. Alex Penally gave blood at the MDA center and said afterward, “I’m giving blood to help my brothers and sisters in Israel.”

It’s hard to put into words how meaningful the experience was for these students. More than just sightseeing, a deeper lifelong connection to Israel was taking place in their lives.

Jessica Gill said, “This was my first time giving blood and I am so blessed to have it go to the people of Israel. There will always be a part of me in the land that I now hold near and dear to my heart. I hope this is only the beginning of young Christians making the pilgrimage to Israel to give back to God’s chosen people.”

As these young adults flew back to the U.S., they left something behind in the land of Israel. Leviticus 17:11 tells us that “the life of the flesh (soul) is in the blood”. These Israel Experience young adults gave a piece of their heart and soul to Israel and her people by donating their blood to help save the lives of others.

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