National Broadcast Launched to Support Israel

Eagles’ Wings launches national broadcast to mobilize support for Israel

Last week, Eagles’ Wings launched a new national television program to raise awareness and mobilize support for Israel in the Christian community. Broadcast to millions of homes, The “Watchmen on the Wall” program is a 30-minute television special featuring Bishop Robert Stearns sharing the story of Israel, and interviewing Holocaust survivors, and other Israelis in need. Filmed in Israel, Bishop Stearns takes the viewer through the Abraham’s Bread Feeding Center to meet just some of the many Eagles’ Wings is touching on a daily basis. Featuring Pastor Jack Hayford and other Christian leaders, this program shares the historic, biblical link between the Jewish and Christian faiths, and importance of Christian support for Israel in this critical time. Proceeds from the program will be used to feed those in need through the Abraham’s Bread Feeding Centers in Israel.

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