Los Angeles Celebrates Israel Report

Los Angeles Celebrates Israel Report

Our long awaited Los Angeles Celebrates Israel event is now in the history books, and history is exactly what was made on Sunday evening January 19th. From the opening salutation to the closing Aaronic (High Priestly) prayer, at the Greater Zion Church Family in Compton, CA, pastored by Dr. Michael Fisher, the night was marked by a strong sense of the supernatural.

Bishop Robert Stearns skillfully navigated the evening by his sensitivity to the unusual atmosphere that was present and evident to all who were in attendance. Bishop Stearns laid the foundation for the evening by communicating the Biblical significance of the work of Eagles’ Wings/Nexus by bridging the divide that has existed throughout history between the Jewish people and the Christian Church. “This is a new day, and our Jewish friends will never stand alone again,” said Stearns to a cheering and exuberant full house.

Jews and Christians, standing together side by side in a crowded house, sang, wept, laughed, and danced together for nearly three hours. Guest speakers joining Bishop Stearns for the evening included the Mayor of Compton, the Honorable Aja Brown; Congresswoman Michelle Chambers; and other dignitaries who were all very moved by the events of the night.

Rabbi Pini Dunner delivered a moving message on the importance of “Mishpucha”…the family of both Jews and Christians. His exhortation from the book of Exodus taught us of the “true” intention of Pharaoh in withholding straw from the Hebrews in the brick making process… it was to incite them to fight one another. But when we stand together as a family, we are united to overcome any obstacle.

We were also honored to welcome Hillel Newman, the newly appointed Consul General to the greater Los Angeles area, as our keynote speaker. Consul General Newman brought greetings from the State of Israel and the Jewish people to a very passionate crowd from across the region. His words drove home the truth of the importance of the Christian Church standing with Israel and our Jewish friends throughout the world. The Consul General’s remarks were interrupted often by outbursts of applauds and cheers.

Finally, Bishop Robert Stearns and Pastor Michael Fisher communicated their hearts for Israel and the need to ensure that our Jewish friends will never feel abandoned again by Bible-believing Christians.

As the evening was drawing to a close, an unusual event began to spontaneously take place. Friends of Eagles’ Wings/Nexus began to stand throughout the audience to pledge funds to send additional Millennial Pastors to Israel with Bishop Stearns. Within several minutes, over $50,000 was given with no prompting from the ministry team… just from individuals who felt prompted to continue the great work of Bishop Stearns and the global movement of Eagles’ Wings.

The night concluded with an afterglow of fellowship with Jewish and Christian leaders enjoying a kosher meal together. Thank you, Bishop Stearns and Pastor Fisher for your leadership in orchestrating this memorial evening that will only lead to greater solidarity between the Jewish and Christian faiths in the future.

Blessings and Shalom!

Pastor Joe Green
Eagles’ Wings
Sr. V.P. of Development

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